How to create an affordable animated video in South Africa

Every product needs an animated video, whether as:

  • an explanatory video for a website;
  • a Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin ad;
  • a market survey tool; or
  • a crowd-funding campaign.

Cost to produce an animated video for your product

Ask around, the average cost to create an animated video is high – too expensive for most inventors. That’s why we launched our unique pick-and-play video offering.

We’re able to create everything required for an attention-grabbing video:

  • CAD models;
  • stunning graphics (including “evolutionary storybooks”);
  • explanatory images / sketches; and
  • prototypes.

These are your video “props” (if required) – useful to make your video unique.

Then, select the “scenes” for your video. For each scene we have various options to suit your budget. the scenes include:

  • Introduction
  • Product “showcase”
  • Product “in use”
  • Product “parts”
  • Product “benefits”
  • Flyover
  • Product “range”
  • Ending

Finally, select your Audio options – voice-overs, music and/or sound effects.

Using videos for market testing

Verimark used TV ads to conduct market testing before committing to tooling. TV ads were expensive, but the only option at the time. You can adopt the same strategy, but at a far lower cost. Simply, create a low-cost ad and flight it on social medial to gauge market response before making a significant investment in tooling – videos and social media ads are “cheap” compared to tooling costs.

Using videos to raise funding

Alternatively, use the videos in your pitch to potential investors. Or, upload your video to a crows-funding platform. Coupled with our affordable prototypes and posters, your pitch should stand out and blow the investors away.

Corporate identity

Videos are also useful in reception areas. Instead of staring at their phones, visitors could watch a catchy, looping video showcasing your products … crammed with branding. Add some older products with “retro content” for a nostalgic effect.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Google ranks pages with an embedded video higher than pages with only still images. Google also reserves space on page 1 for relevant content. Even if your page may have insufficient SEO ranking to make it on to page 1, your video may; giving you two bites at the Google search page 1 cherry.

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