Prototype video

[Due to Covid complications, our prototyping services have been suspended until further notice]

Why create a prototype / product video?

Whether it is for explaining your prototype or marketing your product, videos are best. They can be posted to social media and distributed worldwide within minutes.

Quality posters are good – images are distributed wider by social medial than videos; but videos really grab users’ attention.

We specialise in product videos

If you need a 3D CAD model, we can make this; if you need graphics, we can create this; if you need a prototype, we can grow this. We can make anything you need to showcase your product in a video.

Below is a “demo video” showing “scenes” that can be included in your video. For each “scene”, we provide various options to suit your budget.



Video scene options

Scene Options Sub-Options
Introduction Build logo  
  Build product  
  Extrude product from 2D technical drawing  
  Extrude product from sketch  
Product “showcase” – Introduce / rotate product with some explanator text Using stills  
  3D without background With zoom
  3D with stock background (e.g. smoke) With zoom
  3D in “environment” With zoom
Product “in use” Using stills (e.g. with strobe lighting)  
  3D without background With zoom
  3D with stock background (e.g. smoke) With zoom
  3D in “environment” With zoom
Product “parts” Using stills  
  3D without background With zoom / explosion
  3D with stock background (e.g. smoke) With zoom / explosion
  3D in “environment” With zoom / explosion
  3D zoom into each part, followed by text With explosion
Product “benefits” Merely list, with background  
  Special feature scene per benefit  
Flyover Linear With background
  Following curves With background
Product “range” Line up options With zoom
  Morph / flash between options With zoom
Audio None  
  Music + sound effects  
Ending Contact details  
  Contact details + logo punch  

Our videos are tailored for Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin ad campaigns. They can also be added to your website to showcase and explain your product.

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