How do I prototype my invention / idea?

We have tailored a prototyping package specifically for inventors

[Due to Covid complications, our prototyping services have been suspended until further notice]

The team

Our prototyping team includes a talented industrial designer with more than 20 years of experiencing designing products and bringing them to the market.

We have the experience, skills and tools necessary to bring your idea to life.

mechanical Prototype

What you get

We convert your idea into an attractive 3D prototype (with rendered drawings and A1 poster) … specifically designed to attract funders. We call this a “funding prototype”.

Food prototype


Most inventors select our Prototyping Package Special, comprising:

  • design input
  • 3D CAD drawings
  • A1 poster
  • plastic prototype

For only R37,500.

Sports Prototype

Note: Any of these services can be selected individually:

Product design and conceptualisation R7,500
3D CAD modelling R7,500
Photorealistic poster (A1)* R7,500
Prototyping (plastic)** R15,000
Full house: product design, 3D CAD modelling, prototype, A1 photorealistic poster R37,500

* 3D CAD model required
** Depends on product size, may require scaling


  • photorealistic video clips;
  • generating environment for photorealistic posters (R5,000); and
  • postage

What about confidentiality?

We are a patent law firm, so will ensure that your idea will be kept secret. We specialise in protecting intellectual property. We will respect and protect yours. And, any intellectual property that we may developed is automatically assigned to you without charge.

Game Prototype

* All images are of prototypes created by IdeaNav
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