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Affordable prototype drawingAffordable prototype drawing


3D CAD drawing has become accessible to the inventor. Free 3D CAD software can be downloaded online. And, although it will take a novice some time to get to grips with the software, helpful tutorials guide you through the training process.

Tip: try Autodesk 123D (free 3D CAD software).

To create organic shapes and figurines, we suggest using a sculpting program.

Tip: try Sculptris (free sculpting program) – it creates files that can be grown on 3D printers.

Once you have saved your 3D drawing as an STL file, you can easily export it to other drawing programs and plug it into a 3D printer to grow a 3D prototype.

Tip: To facilitate prototyping, restrict the size of your parts to 25cm cubed.

Once you have created an STL file, contact us to grow your prototype on our 3D printer.

If you require more powerful drawing programs to create photo-realistic renderings, you can expect to pay between R50,000 to R70,000 for a seat and about R10,000 per year as a license fee. The most popular are SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor. Just remember that to operate properly, these programs require a computer costing at least R40,000 and a tablet costing R25,000.

Prototype invention or idea affordably

Alternatively, contact us for affordable:
  • 3D drawings (R3,900)
  • photorealistic renderings (including A1 rendered posters) – perfect to blow potential funders away
  • photorealistic video clips
  • 3D plastic prototypes
  • product design services


We use only top-of the range equipment and software. (See our R15,000 Prototyping Special Package)

Let our team of engineers and product designer help make your dream a reality!

Affordable idea prototype

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