3D CAD Drawings

Transform your idea into a 3D working model!
Step 1: Create a 3D CAD file

Pap cooker Prototype

We can conceptualise your idea and model it in 3D CAD. By using us to CAD model your idea, you can be sure that: your idea will be kept confidential; you will own any intellectual property we may create; and you will own the 3D CAD model.

3D CAD draftsman johannesburg

Our pricing to create a 3D CAD model is fixed. Thereafter, use the 3D CAD model to create:

  • 3D printed prototypes – within a couple of days you will finally have a physical prototype in your hands to test and show people;
  • Photorealistic drawings – either to showcase or to explain your product. These are great for raising funding;
  • Virtual Reality files – that allows people to interact with your product – zooming in and out and moving around your “product” using their cellphone; or
  • Animated videos – only limited by your imagination.

We can assist with all of this.

Tip: To facilitate prototyping, restrict the size of your parts to 25cm cubed.

Drink Prototype

Contact us for affordable:

  • 3D drawings (R7,500)
  • photorealistic renderings (including A1 rendered posters) (R7,500)
  • photorealistic video clips
  • 3D plastic prototypes (R15,000)
  • product design services (R7,500)

See our R37,500 Prototyping Special Package)

Let our product developer help make your dream a reality!

Kitchen Prototype

* All images are of prototypes created by IdeaNav
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