All amounts are exclusive of VAT (if applicable).


File Pending Pending Number online (Iptica) $99
Provisional patent: Draft, drawings and file* R6,950
Complete patent: Draft, drawings, file and publish grant* R8,950
PCT patent applications (see our Patent Cost Calculator)* From R28,000
South African foreign or national phase patent application: Filing South African patent applications for foreign applicants* R6,950

(Amounts include official fees – file provisional patent R60, file complete patent R590)
(We require at least 2 weeks notice to file patent applications)

See Examples of our patents

South African Patent Renewals *
Years Official fee Our fee Total
4, 5 and 6 R130 each R600 each R730 each
7 and 8 R85 each R600 each R685 each
9 and 10 R100 each R600 each R700 each
11 and 12 R120 each R600 each R720 each
13 and 14 R145 each R600 each R745 each
15 and 16 R164 each R600 each R764 each
17 and 18 R181 each R600 each R781 each
19 and 20 R206 each R600 each R806 each

Foreign patent renewals:

(We require at least 2 weeks notice to pay patent renewals.


Designs *
File SA design online using photos (Iptica) $195
Draft design application, drawings, file and publish grant* R4,950
Draft subsequent design applications in additional classes / types, drawings, file and publish grant* R1,950 each

(Amounts include official fees – file application R240)
(We require at least 2 weeks notice to file design applications)

Design Renewals *
Years Official fee Our fee Total
4, 5 and 6 R120 each R600 each R720 each
7 and 8 R77 each R600 each R677 each
9 and 10 R90 each R600 each R690 each
11 and 12 R110 each R600 each R710 each
13 and 14 R132 each R600 each R732 each
15 R149 R600 R749

(We require at least 2 weeks notice to pay design renewals)


File SA trademark online (Iptica) $80
Prepare and file SA trademark (incl. registration fees)* R3,450
SA Trademark registrability search R2,500

*Includes official fees of R590 and costs associated with publication and registration of the mark, but excludes responses to registrar refusals, registrar’s imposition of requirements and third party opposition

Trademark Renewals *
Years Official fee Our fee Total
Every 10 years R260 R700 R960

(We require at least 2 weeks notice to pay trademark renewals)

Patent / Design Searches (Novelty)
Professional search performed by patent attorneys R3,950

(We require at least 2 weeks notice to conduct a patent/design search)


3D drawings R3,900
Rendered drawings (2x) R1,000 for 1st image, R500 per subseq. image
Rendered poster (A1) R3,500
Prototype (plastic) R5,500
Design R3,000
Full house: product design, 3D drawings, prototype, renderings and poster R15,000

Foreign clients

Quick Price List for Foreign Clients
US$ Euros
Conduct a patent search 550 460
File South African national phase / foreign patent application* 585 490
File South African design application* 550 (first), 180 (subsequent classes) 460 (first), 150 (subsequent classes)
Patent / Design renewals*
(Price depends on year)
75-100 60-75
Trademark renewals* 110 85

(Quoted prices include all taxes and official fees)
(Exchange rate: US$1 = approx. R13.00 (South African Rand))

* Services offered by Sibanda & Zantwijk patent attorneys.


Payment procedure

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