McDonald’s Scrambled Egg Patent

McDonald’s bookish patent attorneys admit that their scrambled egg is a “Congealed Mass of Egg”, much to the dismay of the marketing department … which stepped up with:–       Scrambled Sensation–       Fluffy Egg Delights–       Fluff up your Mornings… and flipped it to the trademark attorneys to consolidate the save. Go McTeam! You too can create the perfect Fluffy Congealed … Read more

Dec 1st, 2023

Fisher Price Patent – Toy Telephone

What is the most interesting word you saw in a patent claim, which you had to look up? Mine is definitely “VIVIFYING MEANS”! In 1962 Fisher Price patented its Chatter Telephone with rolling eyes. They got stuck on a broad term for rolling eyes … something that moves … something that grabs attention … Fascinator? … Read more

Nov 24th, 2023

Ice Cream Patent – Cone

Why doesn’t your ice cream rotate in the cone when licked? It’s those little radially inwards extending tabs on the cone! Scientifically speaking: they compound the inertia of the ice cream scoop, preventing contra‐rotation of the scoop and cone. But, little Johnny is more pleased by their unintended benefit: by gripping the ice cream; they … Read more

Nov 17th, 2023

Fisher Price Patent – Record Player

Who can forget the timeless ditties muffled out by Fisher Price’s patented record player 🎶 ‐ Humpty Dumpty; Jack and Jill; Twinkle twinkle; London bridge; Oh where has my little dog gone; Hickory dickory doc; and Eidelweiss? What Fisher Price Patented was a little music box in the tone‐arm head. Explains why my turntable didn’t … Read more

Nov 10th, 2023

SANi – removing the patent blindspot over Africa

Remove the patent blindspot over Africa – the continent with the second largest population, growing at the fastest rate worldwide. You can obtain a SANi combination patent that covers 44% of sub-Saharan Africa’s GDP for only $749. And, for an additional $815 you can pre-pay all 20 years of renewals. No further payments required for … Read more

Aug 8th, 2023

Best patent option for Africa

African patent growth is the fastest in the world. And, for good reason … The African continent is larger than China, US, India, Mexico, Germany, UK and France combined.  It has the second largest population of all other continents, and the highest population growth rate. Africa also offers the cheapest and easiest patents worldwide. GlobalIPCo … Read more

Jun 17th, 2023

Partnering with GlobalIPCo

GlobalIPCo is looking to partner with a large US or EU patent firm to bring the SANi Combination Patent to +98% of the PCT applicants that are currently overlooking Africa. Africa is the continent with the second largest population and the highest population growth. Africa should be a default selection in PCT applicants’ national phase … Read more

May 20th, 2023

5 Tips to reduce South African lifetime patent costs by up to 90%

5 Simple Tips to reduce South African lifetime patent costs by up to 90%, saving about $4,868.50: TIP 1: Pay all renewals upfront – instead of paying 17 patent renewals at a cost of about $200 per year (total renewal cost: about $3,400), pay all 17 renewals upfront for only $285 using the GlobalIPCo system. … Read more

May 15th, 2023

US and EU IP Firms can now create an African IP department

US and EU IP firms, easily create an in-house African patent and trademark filing department that is more competitive than African IP firms. – Select at least two admin staff; – GlobalIPCo will provide online systems and manuals (without charge) to file patents, trademarks and designs; and– S&Z will provide training (without charge). The GlobalIPCo system … Read more

May 10th, 2023

German Utility Model (Gebrauchsmuster) online

What is a German Utility Model? A German Utility Model (otherwise known as a Gebrauchsmuster) provides the same rights as a German patent, however: whereas, a German patent is examined for novelty and inventiveness before being granted, a German Utility Model is not subject to substantive examination; German Utility Models may be filed even if … Read more

May 3rd, 2023

Which ARIPO member States to designate for an ARIPO Patent

When filing an ARIPO patent, many applicants automatically designate the maximum number of States. This is not the best option. ARIPO Patent Information PCT national phase deadline 31 months Language English Examination No Time to issue certificate (est.) 32 months Amendments after grant Yes (narrowing) Pre-payment of renewals (20yrs) No The GDP and population range … Read more

Apr 27th, 2023

How to change Admin, Read and Write privileges on the GlobalIPCo system

Users can easily give others access to cases on their account by changing the Admin, Read and Write privileges. To change access privileges: Login Click “Profile” (in the lefthand margin) and “Profile” in the drop-down list Scroll down to Language Preferences and click “Edit default share settings” In the Admin privileges, Write privileges or Read … Read more

Apr 23rd, 2023

How to pay patent and design renewals “to term”

Save on renewal costs by paying patent and design renewals “To Term”. Irrespective of the number of renewals due on your patent or design, the GlobalIPCo system will pay all remaining patent and design renewals at a fixed cost. See Manual: How to pay renewals “to term” For example, if you filed a South African … Read more

Apr 18th, 2023

SANi – the default PCT national phase patent selection

What made SANi the default PCT National Phase Patent selection? Why Africa? By 2050, one in four humans, a quarter of the world’s population, and one in three working-age people, will live in Africa. Africa is a young continent – the youngest in the world with 60% of the population under the age of 25. … Read more

Apr 11th, 2023

GlobalIPCo makes the secret of Chinese IP growth available to Western IP firms

GlobalIPCo has facilitated China’s exceptional growth in filings over the past few years. The Chinese “secret” is simple: Automate and SIGNIFICANTLY Reduce Pricing By doggedly applying this approach, China has expanded the demand for IP filings across a much broader sector of the market. Whereas, Western IP firms focus on competing for a slice of … Read more

Apr 3rd, 2023

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