Top 10 South African Patent Law Firms

These are the top 10 South African patent and trademark law firms: 1. Most efficient and affordable Sibanda & Zantwijk is the only South African patent law firm that uses online patent, trademark and design filing and renewal systems that integrate directly with the South African Patent Office’s electronic systems. These systems manage applications from … Read more

March 29th, 2020

Wuhan Patent Challenge

We told GlobalIPCo about: the problems one of our Wuhan-based clients was experiencing signing forms, and our policy to assist Wuhan-based clients by late lodging patent forms without charge. GlobalIPCo accepted the challenge and “passed on” solidarity with Wuhan by enabling PCT applicants with Wuhan addresses to file South African national phase patents for FREE … Read more

February 8th, 2020

Patent Management System

GlobalIPCo Patent Management System To file South African patents, we use the GlobalIPCo Patent Management System. Cost The GlobalIPCo Patent Management System charges a fixed amount to file a patent. No additional costs are incurred after filing to prosecute the patent to grant. by automating filing and prosecution of our patents, trademarks and designs, we … Read more

January 18th, 2020

Patent South Africa – Online

File your patent in South Africa online using GlobalIPCo: South African Patents, Trademarks and Designs The GlobalIPCo online system also files South African Trademarks and Designs. South African Patent Law Firm All GlobalIPCo patents, trademarks and designs are filed through, and prosecuted to grant by S&Z Patent Attorneys. The online application system includes a “review” … Read more

January 11th, 2020

Patent App Idea

To patent an App idea in the UK, Australia or Canada is a lengthy process – a process that typically takes 4-5 years, whereafter who cares anymore? That’s why Uber and Waze focussed on getting a “Patent Pending Number”. Uber kept its App “patent” pending for 9 long years – a period of uncertainty sufficiently … Read more

December 22nd, 2019

南非在线 PCT国家阶段专利申请

PCT国家阶段专利申请 – 截止日期: 提交南非国家阶段专利申请的“标准”截止日期、是从最早的优先权日起31个月。但是,我们的系统允许南非国家阶段专利申请在3个月的延长期内(即是、从最早的优先权日起最多34个月)提交,无需额外费用。 如何提交: 全方位服务选项 向我们发送PCT编号,我们将准备并提交南非国家阶段专利申请。我们将会采用中文与您沟通。 总预付费用:750美元(包括提交,发布认可公布书以及证书的快递) 自助的在线选项 注册或登录 填写在线申请表格 签署表格 注: – 我们不需要把已经签署了的文件之硬拷贝寄给我们 – 无需要宣誓员公证签名,及其之核实与见证 – 我们的系统要求、就在提交之前、必须把所有必需的文件和签署了表格上传给我们 上传文件 以信用卡支付399美元的申请费用 (也可以选择)要求南非专利律师、确认就该申请详情以及上传了文件等的正确性、仅为额外的49美元 我们将会立即提交您的南非专利申请,并且在提交申请后的几天内、通过电子邮件向您发送提交收据(连带南非专利申请号码)。 步驟: 我们的南非专利代理人、S&Z专利律师事务所、将会从申请以至授权、处理您的南非国家阶段专利。所有的通讯、都将会通过电子邮件发送。请登录您的主控面板网页、以监察您的申请程序之状况,并且吩咐:发布认可公布书(70美元);以及南非专利注册证书的快递(可选择项,110美元)。 除了药品的专利申请之外,您的南非国家阶段专利申请、应该可在12个月之内被授权,其总共费用为469美元。 专利规则 南非专利法允许: 多项从属权利要求 多项独立权利要求 权利要求中的参考数字 同一专利中的方法与设备等权利要求 信托法人等作为申请人 图纸中的明暗显示 综合性权利要求 您无需修改南非国家阶段专利、即可删除上述的任何一项目。 提交截止日期 提交南非国家阶段专利申请的“标准”截止日期、是从最早的优先权日起31个月,可延长至34个月。就把将截止日期延长至34个月、我们不收取额外的费用(或是转嫁相应的官方费用)。无论南非国家阶段专利申请是在30个月,31个月还是34个月的截止日期之前提交,其在线申请费用仍然为399美元。在延长期内不需要特别安排提交申请,因为我们的系统会计算申请是否在3个月的延长期内提交、并自动提交申请延迟提交申请。 注意:我们的在线申请系统、仅在其PCT专利申请公布后(其通常发生在优先权日之后的18个月)、才提交南非国家阶段专利申请。 执行审查 南非只审查药品等的专利。所有其它正确提交了的专利均保证可被接受。 修正 南非国家阶段专利申请(如所提交的)、必须反映该WIPO所提交了的PCT申请。只有在提交后、才能够对该申请人详细信息/专利权利要求等、进行修改。 语言 南非国家阶段专利规范文件集必须是英文。若然公布了的PCT专利规范文件集是另一种语言,则必须把其英文翻译上传至我们的系统。 我们的南非代理人 我们的南非律师为: S&Z专利律师事务所,南非一家律师事务所、其为大多数的南非跨国公司,监管机构以及大学等提供专利业务服务。 您可以直接与我们的代理人联系与协商。 填写在线申请表格 PCT公布编号 这是不得缺少的填写项目,因为我们不会在PCT专利申请公布之前、提交南非国家阶段专利申请。 标题 若然PCT专利规范文件集所使用的语言不是英语,使用PCT专利申请书标题的英文译文。 … Read more

December 21st, 2019

Can you patent an app?

Can I patent an app? Yes. But, that’s not really the question you should be asking. Should I patent my app? Yes. But, that’s also not the correct question. Why should I patent an app? Now, that’s the question! Let me explain: You can’t patent an app “concept”. Generally, it’s the new “step” in the … Read more

November 24th, 2019

How to apply for a patent

Patenting is a process, but no matter where in the world you live, you start the process by applying for a provisional patent. Generally, it makes no difference whether you file your provisional patent in the UK, CA, AU or South Africa. No matter where your provisional patent is filed, it gives the same right … Read more

October 29th, 2019

Template Patent Document

This template patent document will help you write a provisional patent and get a Patent Pending Number. Download Word .doc version of the patent template. The only rule for a provisional patent is that it must “fully describe” the invention. You may write the document however you wish. Some inventors choose to copy the format … Read more

October 22nd, 2019

Provisional patent

A provisional patent enables you to disclose / market / sell your product without jeopardising your patent rights. The provisional patent does not “protect” you; but it does reserve your right to secure patent rights in 177 countries for a year. During this year, you can conduct market research and further develop your product. Your … Read more

October 11th, 2019

Vodacom / Makate – application of the Institutes of Justinian

Until recently, I firmly thought: South African case law was clear: a contract of “sale” required the asset and price to be “certain”; South African court judgements have repeatedly confirmed that, where a price is “uncertain”, the court will not “determine the price”, leaving the clause “unenforceable”; and that the commitment by Vodacom to pay … Read more

September 29th, 2019

Patent Pending UK

UK inventors have many options to get a patent pending number: file a UK patent application prepared by a UK patent attorney (cost: from GBP3,500) file a UK provisional patent application prepared by yourself (cost: GBP75-225) file a provisional patent application in any Paris Convention member country (cost: from US$99). Whether you file your first … Read more

September 4th, 2019

How do I write a provisional patent?

It’s easy to do it yourself! You don’t need to ask a patent attorney to draft a provisional patent; you can write the provisional patent document yourself. Patent law does not require a provisional patent document to be written in a particular way. All it needs to do is “fully describe” the invention. And, to … Read more

September 1st, 2019

In which countries should I register my patent?

At the end of the PCT patent phase, you need to make the tough decision regarding which countries in which to file your patent. This is the expensive leg of the patenting process. As a general rule: choose countries of sale over countries of manufacture. However, this tip does little to narrow down the options. … Read more

July 30th, 2019

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