Which South African patent law firms filed the most provisional patents in 2020?

Surprisingly, 2020 didn’t see a significant drop in the number of South African provisional patents filed. Although, the South African Patent Office was closed for a few months during lockdown, the decline in provisional patents simply continued its gradual negative trend.

Adams & Adams remains the top filer of South African provisional patents, with S&Z retaining second place for a second year running.

Sibanda zantwijk patent attorneys

Here is the top filing list for 2020:

Patent firmProvisional patents filed
Firm 1158
Firm 381
Firm 466
Firm 547
Firm 647
Firm 747
Firm 842
Firm 938
Firm 1029
Firm 1120
Firm 1220
Firm 1314
Firm 1414
Firm 1513
Firm 1610
Firm 179
Firm 188
Firm 197
Firm 206
Firm 216
Firm 226
Firm 236

In September 2021, S&Z became the largest filer of South African patents.

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