S&Z becomes the top filer of South African patents

In September 2021, S&Z became the largest filer of South African patents, capturing more than 27% of the South African complete patent market. November 2021 saw S&Z increase its filings to +500 patents per month. The growth in online filings continued into 2022, with S&Z ending 2022 having filed 35% of South African patents.

S&Z growth in patent filings is largely due to its partnership with GlobalIPCo – a developer of online filing systems.

FirmSA complete patents filed during September 2021
Sibanda & Zantwijk259
Firm A215
Firm B151
Firm C64
Firm D48
Firm E41
Firm F32
Firm G26
Firm H21
Firm I16
Firm J14
Firm K12

GlobalIPCo System

S&Z is the exclusive South African agent of GlobalIPCo – a provider of IP filing and management services. The GlobalIPCo system enables S&Z to manage large volumes of patents with low administrative overheads, thereby significantly reducing the cost of South African patents.

Expansion into other countries

In 2022, the GlobalIPCo system added Nigerian patents to its online system and launched the SANi combination patent – combining Nigeria and South Africa, a territory with a GDP higher than ARIPO and OAPI combined. S&Z offers the following discounted SANi patent pricing to law firms:

  • SANi patent filing to courier of certificate: $875
  • Pre-payment of all 20 years of SANi patent renewals: $875

In addition to reducing the cost of patents, the GlobalIPCo system also offers Vicennial Renewals – pre-payment of patent renewals for the entire 20-year period. Vicennial Renwals reduce the lifetime cost of Africa patents by over 80%.


The GlobalIPCo system not only reduces patent costs, it also reduces the time to courier the registered patent certificate by improving efficiencies throughout the patenting process.

New market

Instead of growing by taking market share from other South African patent law firms, S&Z’s growth is based on new filings from new markets. As a result, S&Z’s patent filings have increased the total number of South African patent applications by more than 25%.

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