Top South African Patent Law Firms – Provisional Patent Filings 2019

These are the top South African patent law firms, according to number of South African provisional patents filed in 2019:

Sibanda zantwijk patent attorneys

Patent firm Provisional patents filed
Adams & Adams 193
S&Z 143
Spoor & Fisher 92
McCallum Rademeyer 68
Hahn & Hahn 61
Kisch Africa 51
Edward Nathan Sonnenberg 37
Smit & van Wyk 33
Bredenkamp 31
DT Du Preez 21
Roy Taberer 20
Deon de Beer 19
Leon Pierre Susan 18
Dessington Marais 15
De Beer 14
Dr Gerntholtz 13
Brian Bacon 11
Tshaya Mashabela 11
PFT Burger 10
Gunter 9
Bouwers 5
Dennemeyer & Associates 4
Margo 3

S&Z is the second most popular firm selected by South African inventors to draft and file provisional patents for their inventions.

2020 saw S&Z retain its position as the second largest South African patent law firm when it comes to filing provisional patents.

Also see the top South African patent filers (all patent types).

Uses for provisional patents

A provisional patent (cost: R19,950 plus vat) is the first patent filed by an inventor. If patent protection is sought, corresponding complete patents must be filed in select countries within 12 months. Provisional patents are also useful tools for deterrence and marketing – see the Pantene example.

Read more: How to instruct us to draft and file a South African provisional patent for your invention.

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