Register Trade Mark Online with TM Direct

You can now register South African trade marks quickly and affordably online using TM Direct – an online trade mark registration system operated by S&Z Trade Mark Attorneys.

The trade mark process

To register a South African trade mark using TM Direct:

  • (optional) Conduct a free identical trade mark on the TM Direct webpage.
  • Register with TM Direct.
  • Input your word mark or logo.
  • Input the applicant’s (i.e. owner’s) name and physical address.
  • Select the class(es) in which you will trade.
  • Download a completed Power of Attorney, sign the document and upload the signed document to the TM Direct system – this form merely permits S&Z to process the trademark application on your behalf (in your name).
  • Pay the filing fee by credit card.
  • TMDirect

    The online trade mark filing process is quick and simple. It should take only a couple of minutes. TM Direct will file your trade mark with the South African Trade Marks Office (CIPC) and send you a filing receipt (with your application number) within two business days.

    Should the Trade Marks Office issue an office action objecting to your application, the trade mark attorneys at S&Z will assist you to respond to the Trade Marks Office. S&Z will also arrange publication of acceptance of your trade mark, and courier the registration certificate to you. The trade mark registration process is summarised below:

    TM Direct South African trademark registration process

    About TM Direct

    TM Direct is an online system that files and prosecutes trademarks to grant. The system has been developed by GlobalIPCo, and S&Z is GlobalIPCo’s exclusive South African trade marks agent.

    The TM Direct system gives you full control over, and transparency into prosecution of your trade mark to grant. You will receive notifications of all status changes, and can effect all instructions from your online portfolio.

    GlobalIPCo Trademark Management System admin

    Special packages available to general attorneys

    Special packages are available to general attorneys to enable them professionally and competitively to offer trade mark services. With free online and telephone support from S&Z trade mark attorneys, general attorneys are now able confidently to file trade marks for their clients. When registering on the system, general attorneys should tick the “attorney” box, and S&Z will provide information about available packages.

    TM Direct South African trademark platform

    Trade mark renewal

    Also take control over renewal of your / your clients’ trade marks by uploading them to our trade mark renewal system. This will reduce the cost of trade mark renewals from around R8,000 to R1,140.

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