What is a SANi Patent?

A SANi Patent is a combination South African patent and Nigerian patent, which fills the large “gaps” left by ARIPO and OAPI regional patents. Despite covering only two countries, the SANi patent has a higher GDP than ARIPO and OAPI patents combined, and should be the first option for applicants extending their patent rights to Africa.

Unlike ARIPO patents (and, OAPI patents from January 2023), which are examined and take a long time to grant, SANi Patents are not examined and the time to issue certificates of grant is only 5-9 months.

Another advantage of SANi patents is that they may be amended any time after grant. This enables applicants to delay claim amendments until such time as they wish to institute infringement proceedings (if ever). It also removes the need to delay acceptance – an unnecessary, costly exercise.

SANi Patent renewals may also be pre-paid (referred to as a SANi Vicennial Patent). By paying all renewals for the 20-year term of the SANi Patent, the lifetime renewal cost is significantly reduced.

The biggest advantage of a SANi Patent is its low-cost:

SANi PatentCost (US$)
All-in cost from filing to courier of the patent certificates (inclusive of official fees, professional fees and disbursements) (2 certificates in a courier parcel) (S&Z pricing to law firms)$875
Pre-pay renewals for the entire 20-year term (inclusive of official fees, professional fees and disbursements) (S&Z pricing to law firms)$875

Law firms are entitled to discounted pricing using the GlobalIPCo online filing system.

SANi Patents are only offered by S&Z and the GlobalIPCo system. By automating the patent filing and prosecution process in South Africa and Nigeria, S&Z and GlobalIPCo are able to offer SANi patents for a lower cost than is typically charged for South Africa or Nigeria Patents on their own.

See more: Comparing SANi, ARIPO and OAPI Patents.

[The SANi patent is not the creation of a Treaty]

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