Comparing SANi, ARIPO and OAPI Patents for Africa

Between them, the SANi, ARIPO and OAPI Patents cover most of Sub-Saharan Africa. The only notable exclusions (Angola, D.R. Congo, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Somalia) being countries with highly bureaucratic (or, non-existent) patent systems:

Although, the SANi patent covers a territory with a GDP greater than ARIPO and OAPI Patents combined, the ARIPO Patent covers a greater population.

Whereas, the SANi and OAPI Patents are not subject to examination, with registration certificates typically being issued within 3-13 months of filing, ARIPO Patents are subject to examination and take a longer time to grant.

The exceptional cost-effectiveness of the SANi Patent becomes evident when comparing the Lifetime Cost / GDP or Lifetime Cost / Population of the SANi Patent against that of ARIPO and OAPI:

When filing an ARIPO patent, we generally suggest selecting only 7 countries – Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, Zimbabwe and Zambia – as these countries cover 81% of total ARIPO GDP and 75% of total ARIPO population, while reducing the lifetime ARIPO cost by around 56% (when compared to selecting all 20 ARIPO States):

ARIPO and OAPI Patents are regional patents that issue single patent covering the designated / member countries. In contrast, the SANi Patent is a combination patent, which issues both a South African and a Nigerian Patent Certificate (with unique patent numbers).

SANi Patents are available through S&Z ($875 for filing to grant, and $875 to pre-pay all 20 years of renewals) or the GlobalIPCo online system.

[The SANi patent is not the creation of a Treaty]

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