DIY Trademark

As an alternative to us conducting a trademark registrability search for R2,500 (excl vat) and registering your trademark for R3,450 (excl vat), below is a DIY guide on how to file your own trademark:

  • Classify your goods/service using our classification table.
  • (Optional) Complete form TM2 to request our Trademark Office to conduct a preliminary search. Submit this form together with payment of R190 to CIPC (DTI campus, Block F, 77 Meintjies Street, Sunnyside, Pretoria). A separate form and payment must be made in respect of each class searched. The search will take about 4 weeks. Please note that, this search is far less comprehensive than the registrability search conducted by our trademark attorney.
  • When you have satisfied yourself that your mark is registrable, complete form TM1 (in triplicate). Submit this form together with payment of R590 directly to CIPC (address as above). Within a couple of weeks, you will receive a copy of form TM1 stamped with your application number.
  • Should the registrar have objections regarding the trademark application, you will receive an office actions, to which you will need to respond.
  • Wait ±12 months for your trademark to be accepted, and arrange for publication. After publication, your trademark may be opposed. If opposed, this will need to be defended.
  • Insert a reminder in your diary to renew the trademark by the 10th anniversary of the filing date.
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