DIY Trademark

As an alternative to us conducting a trademark registrability search for R2,500 (excl vat) and registering your trademark for R4,090 (excl vat), below is a DIY guide on how to file your own trademark for only $199:

  • Classify your goods/service using our classification table.
  • When you’ve satisfied yourself that your mark is registrable, register an account with open an account with GlobalIPCo
  • Complete the GlobalIPCo application form; sign & upload forms generated by GlobalIPCo; and pay $199 by credit card. Within a couple of days of filing, you will receive a trademark filing receipt by email.
  • Should the CIPC trademark examiner have objections regarding the trademark application, you will receive an office action, to which you will need to respond within 3 months.
  • Wait ±12 months for your trademark to be accepted, and instruct GlobalIPCo to arrange publication in the South African Trademarks Journal ($70). After publication, your trademark may be opposed for a period of 3 months. If opposed, this will need to be defended. If unopposed, your trademark will be registered and a certified copy of your granted trademark can be sent to you by courier ($110).
  • Your trademark will be uploaded to the PayAnnuity renewal system, which will email renewal reminders to you in about 10 years’ time.

S&Z Patent Attorneys are the exclusive South African agents for GlobalIPCo. Their trademark attorneys will assist with responding to any office actions and dealing with any issues you may have.

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