Maraschino cherry – Food Recipe Patent

Maraschino cherries 🍒 were originally dropped into only the most fashionable cocktails 🍸 because they took such an exceptionally long time to soak. That’s until George Fisher’s patented method brought the Maraschino cherry to the mass market in 1952.

Traditional Maraschino cherries were soaked in increasingly concentrated sugar solutions for 10-15 days – enough time for oxidation to cause many cherries to develop a “tea taste” ☕ . To shorten this period, George Fisher:

  • Impregnated tree-ripened cherries with sulphur-dioxide;
  • Inserted the cherries in a vacuum chamber at 0.84 Bar to extract gases;
  • Submerged the cherries in 30-70% (preferably 54%) sugar solution at a temperature 49-60C for at least 15 minutes, while maintaining the vacuum; and
  • Released the vacuum, leaving the cherries in the sugar solution for 24 hours at room temperature.

The vacuum chamber and heat cut the time to make Maraschino cherries by +90% and removal of air ensured that none oxidised – ensuring a bountiful supply of Maraschino cherries for even the humblest of cocktail.

(Patent: US2801925)

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