TM Direct

CIPC Direct Trademark Filings

S&Z will shortly be launch a trademark filing system that lodges trademarks directly with CIPC.

Attorneys can register with the TM Direct filing system and instruct South African trademark filings directly.

All trademark applications filed using the TM Direct filing system will cite S&Z as the Address for Service, and S&Z trademark attorney are available to assist, where required. A free knowledge base is also available.

Following filing, S&Z will keep attorneys informed of developments by email. Any examination report issued by CIPC will be forwarded to the instructing attorney, and an opinion regarding how to respond to the examination report can be requested from S&Z. S&Z will also assist in responding to CIPC. The instructing attorney will maintain control over communications with the client.

Upon acceptance, S&Z will arrange publication, and following receipt of the registration document, S&Z will courier this to the instructing attorney.

The S&Z CIPC Direct trademark filing system is automated, and offers preferential pricing to attorneys.

CIPC trademark filing timeline:

  • A filing receipt is typically received within 1 day of filing a trademark application;
  • An examination report is typically received within 9 months of filing;
  • Registration of trademark applications typically take 2 years.

Trademark filing tips

  • Choose a trade mark which is distinctive. Avoid using common words or terms.
  • Do not copy someone else’s brand.
  • Keep it simple and something which your consumers are likely to remember.
  • Remove symbols such as “TM”, “(R)” and “(C)”. If you file a trade mark with any of these symbols, the Trade Marks Office will require an amendment to be lodged which (a) incurs additional expenses; and (b) delays the progression of the trade mark.
  • Focus on filing the “core” brand. For example, instead of filing XYZ TRADING, XYZ LOGISTICS and XYZ INCORPORATED, just file XYZ in the relevant class(es). Words such as “trading”, “logistics” and “incorporated” are common (and subject to a disclaimer) and cannot be monopolized.


Before filing a trademark, it is best to conduct a registrability search. S&Z would be glad to do this for R2,500 plus vat.

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