South African Patent – the new Australian Innovation Patent

The Australian Innovation Patent was very popular – it was quick, easy and affordable. But this option expires during August 2021. What’s the alternative? A South African complete patent.

S&Z and GlobalIPCo have created a patent filing and management system that ensures issuance of a South African complete patent registration certificate within 3 months of filing for only US$585 (inclusive of courier cost). How is this possible?

  • the South African Patent Office does not examine patents;
  • the GlobalIPCo system is integrated with the South African Patent Office’s system;
  • if the application is “complete” on filing, the South African Patent Office accepts our patent applications within a couple of weeks of filing;
  • within a month of acceptance, the GlobalIPCo system automatically arranges publication; and
  • within a couple of weeks of publication, the Patent Office issues the patent registration certificate.

By using the GlobalIPCo system, S&Z is able to increase patent filing volume, while maintaining overhead costs.

The US$585 fixed cost applies to all patents: national phase patent applications; convention patent applications; and complete patent applications in the first instance. Convention patent applications may be filed within 15 months of the priority date (without additional charge), and national phase patents may be filed within 34 months of the priority date (without additional charge).

To reduce the cost further, register with GlobalIPCo and file your own South African patent application. GlobalIPCo discounts its pricing to patent attorneys.

Note: A South African registered patent does not provide protection within Australia. The protection it affords is limited to South Africa.

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