Simplify South African patents

South African patents are simple. Don’t complicate them.

Our tips:

1. File online through GlobalIPCo
2. Amend only when you wish to institute infringement proceeding
3. Pay all renewal fees upfront
4. Secure grant within 4 months of filing

Discounted pricing for law firms

If you are a foreign patent firm, you can obtain a granted South African patent + 20 years of renewals for less than $600.

South Africa does not examine patents

To keep costs low, the South African Patent Office does not examine patents. Therefore, don’t:

  • delay acceptance of South African patents;
  • amend South African patents to remove reference numerals – they are permitted; or
  • amend South African patents unnecessarily – they may be amended to narrow the scope of the claims at any time after grant.

Join the drive to simplify South African patents. About half of South African patents are now filed online:

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