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10x increase in SA patent / design renewal fees on 1 October 2019

South African official renewal fees for patents and designs will increase by up to 10x on 1 July 2019. Save at least R27,000 ($2,000) by pre-paying all future South African patent / design renewals to term using our online renewal system before 1 October 2019. To do this, register on our system, upload the patent / design and select “Pay to term” when processing the renewal. Renewing your patent / design to term takes only a couple of minutes, and payment is made by credit card.

IdeaNav Online Renewal System

Enjoy the simplicity of paying renewals online, dealing with only one renewal service provider, while saving up to 70% on renewal costs.


We manage more than 2400 patents for more than 200 clients, including one of South Africa’s biggest multinational companies and two Universities.

Safety and accuracy of the system

  • To input a patent: you insert the patent number; the system shows you an image of your patent and extracts the patent data from public databases.
  • The system conducts background checks to confirm the correct filing date.
  • The records are backed up daily.
  • The system runs off a main and a backup server.
  • The system has been developed over 5 years and has been live since 2011.
  • We receive a monthly report of all patents falling due for renewal within the next 6 weeks, and contact each patentees to confirm his intention to let the patent lapse.
  • Easily migrate renewals from our system.

We are happy to upload your patents for you. Just send us the patent numbers by email. All our inputs are passed by two persons for independent checking.


  • Renew patents in more than 100 countries.
  • Save up to 60% on South African renewals and more than 30% on foreign renewals.
  • Save up to 80% by paying all 20 years of South African renewals upfront.
  • Our pricing will reduce, as volumes increase.

Our payment system is so unique, we had to obtain exceptional Exchange Control approval to implement it.

Draw a 12-month renewal cost budget at a click of a button.

View our table summarising all 20 years of renewal costs for various countries:

Uploading cases

    1. Go to //
    2. Renew2

    3. Click “Quick Patent Renewal”.
    4. Select the country, insert the patent number and click “Next”.
    5. Renew3

    6. View the patent and confirm that it is correct by clicking “Yes”.
    7. Renew4

    8. The system automatically extracts your patent data and displays the cost of the upcoming renewal.
    9. Renew5

    10. Click “Save & Add Another Patent” or “Save & Exit”.


    • The system sends 6, 3 and 1 month reminders by email.
    • Add as many email recipients as you wish.
    • The backend system generates internal alerts where “anticipated” time periods for processing and completing renewals are exceeded.

    Ease of instructing renewals

      1. Go to //
      2. Click “Login” and enter username and password.
      3. Renew6

      4. Click the portfolio link.
      5. Renew7

      6. Click the portfolio link.
      7. Select the patents to be renewed and click “Add to Cart”.
      8. Renew8

      9. Click “Checkout”.
      10. Renew9

      11. Click “Pay”.
      12. Pay for the renewal online by credit card. To pay be other means, please contact us.
      13. Invoices and update emails are sent by email.


      Click the “Cost report” button to generate a 12 month renewal cost report.


      You can select the start date for the 12-month period.


      Managing your patent portfolio

      • Your patent portfolio (with live renewal statuses and patent info) is available online from any computer.
      • Edit and delete patent records.
      • Add new patents at any time.
      • Add your reference to each patent record.
      • Track the progress of renewals online.
      • Review previous renewal instructions online.
      • Download renewal confirmation documents online.


      • You are not bound to continue paying renewals through the patent firm that filed the patent.
      • You do not need to change the address for service for a patent in order to migrate renewals to another service provider.


      Download PDF version

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