GlobalIPCo now manages about 50% of new South African patents filed

About half of South African patents are now filed using the GlobalIPCo patent management system.

Since June 2021, the number of South African patents filed using the GlobalIPCo system has increased by around 40% per month, compounded. In November the GlobalIPCo system filed 521 South African complete patents, representing about 50% of all (1,235) South African complete patents filed.

The South African Patent Office will end 2021 with the highest growth rate in patent filings worldwide – growth that is primarily due to the GlobalIPCo system.

The exceptional growth in GlobalIPCo patents continued into 2022.

What makes the GlobalIPCo system different?

Instead of filing South African patents by sending an email with the required information and documents to a South African patent firm, the GlobalIPCo system enables non-South African patent firms to: upload their cases directly to the GlobalIPCo system; and automatically create forms for signature. Preparation of patent applications is not limited to South African office hours, and the system accepts South African patent filings 7 days a week. Upon filing, the patent application is reviewed by a South African patent attorney and filed with the South African Patent Office. This makes filing of South African patents extremely efficient and significantly reduces the cost to file.

After filing, the GlobalIPCo system automates all steps up to and including courier of the patent certificates, enabling the system to process thousands of South African patents per month with the assistance of one administrative assistant (half day).

S&Z and GlobalIPCo

As the exclusive South African patent agent for GlobalIPCo, all South African patents filed through the GlobalIPCo system are processed by S&Z Patent Attorneys.

To ensure seamless integration, GlobalIPCo has developed a parallel system that S&Z uses to manage its own patent filings, late lodgement of forms, corrections and amendments.

GlobalIPCo opens up new markets

What is clear from the “South African Patent Filings” graph is that the GlobalIPCo system is not cannibalising off existing patent applications (that represent only 3% of PCT patents). Instead, it is opening up South African patents to new markets. GlobalIPCo focusses its marketing on the large pool of applicants that previously shunned South African patents.

GlobalIPCo appeals to law firms that require real-time insight into the status of their patent applications and that wish to manage the patenting process via an easy-to-use dashboard:

Why this growth in South African patents?

South Africa is a non-examining country and the GlobalIPCo system manages to arrange grant and courier the patent certificate within only a few months of filing.

Since national phase PCT patent applications may not be amended on filing, filing a South African national phase patent cannot be simpler. Just: input information obtained directly from the WIPO website; download and sign the required forms (that the system autogenerates); and upload the published PCT patent specification. That’s it. Filing should not take more than a couple of minutes.

The GlobalIPCo system also extends discounted pricing to law firms making GlobalIPCo the lowest-cost option for filing South African patents.

GlobalIPCo even offers an extremely popular “package” that includes a granted South African patent and payment of all 20 years of renewals upfront.

With all the benefits that South African patents offer, a South African national phase patent should be a default selection at the end of the PCT phase.

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