SANi, Vicennial Patent and Vicennial Renewal are trademarks of GlobalIPCo

In 2022, GlobalIPCo created and launched three new patent products:

  • SANi – a South African and Nigerian patent combination;
  • Vicennial Patent – a South African, Nigerian or SANi patent that is renewed “to term”, i.e. for the whole 20-year period; and
  • Vicennial Renewal – a one-off payment that processes all future renewals for existing South African, Nigerian or SANi patents.

SANiTM, Vicennial PatentTM and Vicennial RenewalTM are all trademarks of GlobalIPCo and are pending trademark registration.

By automating these new offerings, GlobalIPCo (and its South African agent, S&Z Patent Attorneys) are able to offer them at significantly discounted cost. For instance:

  • Instead of paying +$3800 to renew a Nigerian patent “to term”, the Nigerian Vicennial Patent Renewal costs only $730 (with law firms entitled to further discounts).
  • Instead of paying +$3400 to renew a South African patent “to term”, the South African Vicennial Patent Renewal costs only $485 (with law firms entitled to further discounts).
  • S&Z pre-pays all 20 years of SANi patent renewals for only $875.
  • For the “standard cost” of a South African patent, you can now obtain a SANi (Nigerian and South African) patent.

All South African and Nigerian patents may benefit from Vicennial Renewals – Vicennial Renewals are available for all South African and Nigerian patents, even patents that are mid-way through their 20-year patent life and that were filed by other firms. Apart from the significant cost saving, processing a Vicennial Renewal removes the future hassle and risk associated with annual renewal payments.

See more: Comparing SANi, ARIPO and OAPI Patents.

[The SANi patent is not the creation of a Treaty]

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