SANi, ARIPO and OAPI Patent Costs

Easily obtain accurate costing for SANi, ARIPO and OAPI patents.


  • Select the type(s) of patent (SANi, ARIPO or OAPI) required;
    • If SANi patent is selected, choose:
      • whether to file the patent by sending an instruction by email to S&Z Patent Attorneys, or via the GlobalIPCo online system (with or without law firm discount);
      • whether to pay all 20 years of renewals upfront;
    • If ARIPO is selected, choose the number of designated States; and
  • Insert:
    • the PCT filing date;
    • number of priority claims (for OAPI patents);
    • number of claims and pages (for ARIPO and OAPI patents);
    • the of South African / Nigerian patents to include in a courier parcel (for SANi patents); and
    • the Euro:US$ exchange rate (for OAPI patents).

The spreadsheet calculates the filing cost. For ARIPO, the anticipated examination and grant costs are also displayed.

The SANi costs are fixed. However, for ARIPO, additional costs may be incurred to respond to office actions.

Filing costs

SANi patent: up to $1,360 (S&Z offers SANi patents to law firms for $875)

ARIPO patent: from $1,477 (7 designated States)

OAPI patent: from $2,729

Tips to reduce costs

SANi patentPay all future renewals upfront (Vicennial renewal)
Use the GlobalIPCo online system
Delay amendments until wish to enforce patent
ARIPO patentLimited designated States to 5-7
Limit claims to 10 and pages to 30
OAPI patentLimit claims to 10 and pages to (10, 20 or) 30

[* The SANi patent is not the creation of a Treaty]

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