Register your South African brand online with GlobalIPCo

South African brand owners can now register their trademarks online. GlobalIPCo’s online system integrates directly with the South African trademarks office (CIPC) and processes trademarks electronically. By fully automating the process, GlobalIPCo is able to offer South African trademark filings for only US$199.

The GlobalIPCo trademark registration system:

  • guides brand owners through the filing process ‐ making your brand “yours” takes only a couple of minutes;
  • explains the scope of protection offered by trademarks;
  • details the steps to get a trademark registration;
  • provides for priority claims;
  • permits amendment of the description of goods and services; and
  • accepts payment by credit card.

Trademark numbers are issued within a business day, and CIPC examination reports are automatically forwarded to you by email. As soon as you receive your trademark number, you may mark your product / service “Trademark Pending”.

You have full control over prosecution of your trademark application through the GlobalIPCo dashboard. Click on your trademark application and: view the timeline ‐ showing historical and upcoming steps; view your trademark details; and effect any instructions for Sibanda & Zantwijk.

Help from trademark attorneys

Sibanda & Zantwijk Trademark Attorneys is at hand for any assistance you may require. Our trademark attorneys can assist with: providing opinions regarding CIPC examination reports; replying to CIPC examination reports; arranging publication of acceptance of your trademark; and couriering the trademark registration certificate to you.

Foreign trademarks

During 2021, South Africa is expected to join the Madrid Protocol, which will finally make extension of your brand to other countries affordable (i.e. up to 90% cheaper … and much quicker). We suggest that filing of foreign trademarks is delayed until this protocol is implemented. And, if you are interested in extending your brand to Southern African countries, we also recommend the ARIPO regional trademark filing system.

TM Direct – an alternative online system particularly suited to South African general lawyers

TM Direct is an online trademark filing and management system aimed at enabling general lawyers to file South African trademarks with confidence.

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