Online South African design registration

Filing a South African design online with CIPC

File your own South African design registration online using the GlobalIPCo online design registration system. The GlobalIPCo system:

  • assists you to select the relevant class;
  • prepares forms (D3 and Power of Attorney) to file the South African aesthetic / functional design registration;
  • uploads: photos of your product; and scanned copies of your signed forms;
  • accepts payment by credit card;
  • files your design application with the South African Designs Office (CIPC);
  • keeps you informed regarding: issuance of the official application number; acceptance of your design registration; and grant of your design registration via email; and
  • provides for online instruction of: publication of acceptance of your design registration; and courier of your design certificate to you.

The cost to file a South African design registration using the GlobaliPCo system is only US$299.

To file the South African design registration takes only a couple of minutes, and the entire design filing-grant process is supervised by the patent attorneys at S&Z Patent Attorneys / IdeaNav – GlobalIPCo’s exclusive service provider for South African patent, trademark and design filings.

Using photos to file a design

Most applicants prefer to file design registrations using good quality photos instead of CAD drawings – even Nike and Adidas now file their designs using photos. Although colour photos may be used, we prefer black and white photos.

An application for a design registration requires only one photo to be uploaded. But, it is preferable to show as many views as possible, and we suggest uploading front, back, left, right, top, bottom and perspective views.

If possible, take photos against a clear, white background.

Below are examples of registered designs recently granted by the South African Designs Office (CIPC):

What next?

After filing a design registration, you may freely use, disclose and sell your product. The GlobalIPCo system will send you the official CIPC application number within a business day of filing, and your design should be accepted within 9 months of filing. Acceptance of your design registration must be published in the Patent Journal – we will assist you to do this. Within a couple of months of publication, we receive your design registration certificate, which we typically courier to you.

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