Trademark Management System

GlobalIPCo Trademark Management System

To file South African trademarks, we use the GlobalIPCo Trademark Management System.


The GlobalIPCo Trademark Management System charges a fixed amount to file a trademark. No additional costs are incurred after filing to prosecute the trademark to grant.

GlobalIPCo Trademark Management System Example

By automating filing and prosecution of our trademarks, we are able to reduce admin overhead costs and offer the most efficient South African trademark filing service available.

The GlobalIPCo Trademark Management System is fully integrated with the CIPC filings system, immediately lodging trademark applications filed through the system.

Why Choose the GlobalIPCo Trademark Management System

The South African version of the GlobalIPCo Trademark Management System has been developed by a software developer that is also a registered South African patent attorney, assisted by a registered South African trademark attorney. The development team ensured that the trademark management system caters for all intricacies of South African trademark law.

Reminders / Communications

The GlobalIPCo Trademark Management System includes a library of more than 300 template emails that can be selected to communicate reminders, alerts and reports to the user and clients. Additional emails may be added to tailor communications, as required by the user.

Filing with the Trademarks Office

The GlobalIPCo Trademark Management System is integrated with the South African Trademarks Office’s (CIPC) online filing system. The GlobalIPCo system also tracks the status of filed applications with the CIPC online system to ensure that all trademarks filings are properly processed by CIPC.

Status Updates and Prosecution

The GlobalIPCo Trademark Management System intercepts all related communications by the South African Trademarks Office and automatically maintains the status of trademarks on the GlobalIPCo Trademark Management System up to date. The GlobalIPCo system also automatically extracts filing documents from the CIPC system. The burden of uploading CIPC documents and maintaining the status of applications up to date is removed from the user and assumed by the GlobalIPCo system.

The GlobalIPCo system also handles publication of acceptance and courier of registration documents to applicants.

Trademark Forms

The GlobalIPCo Trademark Management System generates all forms required for: signature by the applicant; and filing (including the Power or Attorney).

How to Create a New Trademark case

To file a South African trademark using the GlobalIPCo Trademark Management System:

1. Login and select Trademarks:

GlobalIPCo Patent Management System

2. Add the trademark details (e.g. client reference, word mark (including indicating whether the word mark is case sensitive):

GlobalIPCo Trademark Management System Trademark Details

If the application is for a logo, upload and resize the image:

GlobalIPCo Trademark Management System logo

3. Add the applicant details:

GlobalIPCo Trademark Management System applicant

4. Add the priority details:

GlobalIPCo Trademark Management System priority

5. Select classes:

GlobalIPCo Trademark Management System goods classes

GlobalIPCo Trademark Management System services classes

6. Download application forms for signature:

GlobalIPCo Trademark Management System forms

7. Upload required documents:

GlobalIPCo Trademark Management System upload

Then, file the application with the South African Trademarks Office by clicking a button. The GlobalIPCo Trademark Management System will do the rest from filing to grant, including:

  • Filing the application with CIPC
  • Tracking the application number issued by CIPC, and updating the status of the trademark
  • Downloading the filing receipt and application forms from the CIPC system and reporting filing to the applicant
  • Tracking the status of the application and alerting the user of any undue delays
  • Where signed forms are outstanding, reminding the applicant to provide the forms
  • Tracking acceptance of the trademark application, and reporting acceptance to the applicant
  • Arranging publication of the trademark application with the South African Trademarks Office
  • Obtaining a copy of the publication and reporting publication to the applicant
  • Reporting receipt of the trademark registration document to the applicant
  • Requesting the applicant to provide an address for courier of the registration document, and automatically printing a courier waybill on a linked dot matrix printer

The status of all trademark applications is available on the portfolio page, together with copies of all documents. There is no need to maintain a separate paper file:

GlobalIPCo Trademark Management System admin

Trademark Renewals

Users of the GlobalIPCo Trademark Management System also gain access to the white labeled version of the PayAnnuity online renewal system. The white labelled online renewal system can be added to the user’s website. This enables applicants to login to the online renewal system (via the user’s website) and instruct renewals. the PayAnnuity system sends user-branded reminders and invoices to applicants, and gives users control over renewal pricing. Administration of all renewals processed through the PayAnnuity online renewal system are handled by GlobalIPCo.

About GlobalIPCo

Global IP & Consulting FZ LLE is a Dubai-based software development company that specialises in development of online patent, trademark and design systems. Website:

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