How to register a trademark

Steps to apply for a trademark:

  1. Register with Iptica’s online South African trademark filing system.
  2. Fill in the applicant details.
  3. Enter your WORD mark or upload your LOGO.
  4. Select your classes (i.e. goods / services the trademark must cover).
  5. Sign forms electronically.
  6. Pay US$99.

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The Iptica system completes the forms and automatically files your South African trademark application with the South African Trademarks Office (CIPC).

Login to the Iptica system.

The official South African trademark application filing receipt together with your trademark application number will be emailed to you within one business day of payment.

You can start using your trademark immediately, despite the trademark taking about 2 years to be registered by CIPC.

Registration of your South African trademark

Your should receive an examination report within 9 months. If successful, your application should be accepted within 15‐20 months from filing. After instructing Iptica to publish your South African trademark application, your trademark lies open for "opposition" for 3 months. If not opposed, your trademark will be accepted and a scanned copy of the South African trademark registration certificate will be emailed to you.

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