GlobalIPCo growth beats all expectations (2020)

After about two years, GlobalIPCo already has more than 3,500 users and manages more than 6,300 patent, trademark and design applications.

GlobalIPCo is a fully automated system for filing and prosecuting South African intellectual property applications to grant. The system enabled S&Z Patent Attorneys (GlobalIPCo’s exclusive South African agents) significantly to increase its efficiency and capacity – driving up filing volumes and driving down costs; with the strongest growth coming from China.

Having proved the concept in South Africa, GobalIPCo will shortly shift focus to Nigeria, ARIPO and OAPI.

Anthony van Zantwijk, a partner at S&Z Patent Attorneys highlights:

Fully automating the process enables us to add ancillary offerings for free. For instance: late lodgement of forms does not incur any additional costs; requesting accelerated grant is a no-cost option; and extending the deadline to file South African national phase patent application from 31 to 34 months is without charge. Instructing law firms love these perks, as it simplifies their pricing to end-customers.

A significant growth area has been provisional patents – 2019 saw S&Z become the #2 filer of South African provisional patents, which position S&Z retained in 2021. By providing a simple online filing process, GlobalIPCo has made South Africa a primary filing country for inventors worldwide. Whereas, only South African inventors could previously file low cost South African provisional patents, this benefit is now available to all inventors worldwide … triggering a dramatic increase in South African provisional patents that cite foreign applicants.

GlobalIPCo has also increased South African complete patent filings, lifting S&Z to the #1 South African patent filer in September 2021.

A core marketing focus over the past year has been to: enable general attorneys to file trademarks (via S&Z TM Direct); and empower trademark attorneys to file patents. South African law firms are increasingly adopting the system and extending their service offering. Special pricing is extended to law firms and organisations to enable them effectively to “compete” with S&Z on price.

Despite the lockdowns, 2020 was an incredible year for GlobalIPCo, and 2021 has kicked off on an exciting note.

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