GlobalIPCo EU design manual

EU Registered Community Designs (RCD) are easily filed online through the GlobalIPCo online filing system (using Genuine IP Law).


Each EU Registered Community Design may include a number of embodiments. Combining embodiments significantly reduces the official fee. GlobalIPCo’s costs are:

First embodiment: EUR556* (converted to US$ plus 4% currency conversion fee)

Embodiments 2-10: EUR371* (converted to US$ plus 4% currency conversion fee) per embodiment

Embodiments 11-50: EUR270* (converted to US$ plus 4% currency conversion fee) per embodiment

* Discounted pricing available to law firms.

Filing an EU Registered Community Design online

Step 1: Title and class

Enter your reference and use the simple keyword finder tool to identify the appropriate class – enter a keyword; the system displays all class options including the keyword; select the most appropriate option.

After selecting the class, the system will provide “Recommended titles”. Use one of the Recommended titles to reduce the risk of the EUIPO objecting to your title.

Step 2: Applicant’s and designer’s details

Enter: the applicant’s (i.e. owner’s) name, physical address and nationality; and the designer’s name.

If the applicant is a legal entity, select the entity type from the dropdown list.

No Deed of Assignment or Power of Attorney is required.

Step 3: Priority details

Claim priority from a corresponding design application filed within the last 6 months. Alternatively, rely on the exemption that permits public disclosures made within the previous 12 months.

Enter the DAS code of the priority document (if available). If no priority is claimed, add your EU design application to the DAS system to facilitate claiming priority in subsequent design applications.

Step 4: Upload

Upload images of the article (photos or drawings) and the priority document (if priority is claimed).

Image tips:

  • one view per attachment
  • each view should be of the same article (same colour)
  • do not include any text (numbers, words or symbols)
  • use a neutral (white) background
  • limited to 7 views (exploded view is permitted)
  • upload images in JPEG format

Example of images to upload:

Step 5: Additional embodiments

Associate your design with other embodiments (i.e. different colours or different articles altogether). Each associated design must cite: the same applicant; and the same main class. For example, class 9 covers bottles, boxes, seedling trays, string, clothes lines, handle for buckets, ice cream sticks, …. All these articles may be associated in a single EU Registered Community Design.

The official fees for embodiments 2-10 are discounted by 50% and official fees for embodiments 11-50 are discounted by a further about 50%.

  • If you wish to file a design for only one embodiment, click NEXT.
  • If this is the first embodiment you are adding and further embodiments need to be created, click SAVE AND ADD ANOTHER EMBODIMENT.
  • If you have created all the embodiments and now wish to associate the embodiments and file the design, click ASSOCIATE THIS CASE WITH OTHER EXISTING EMBODIMENTS.

The system will check whether the applicant’s details and main class for each associated embodiment are the same. Upon payment, the system will check again that the associated embodiments are properly associated.

Step 6: Pay

Accept the T&Cs and pay by credit card. Payment is made in US$ (which levies a currency conversion fee from the Euro base fee).

Following payment, the design will be filed with the EUIPO by Genuine IP Law and a filing receipt will be sent to you within 2 business days. The design registration certificate should be emailed to you within 1 month of filing.


EU Registered Community Designs are renewed every 5 years from the filing date and expire on the 25th anniversary of the filing date.

An EU Registered Community Design covers all 27 member States of the European Union (excluding the UK).

Protection afforded by EU Registered Community Design

An EU Registered Community Design prevents competitors from making a copy of your design registered article that creates the same overall impression.

An EU Registered Community Design is the best option if you wish to prevent others from launching a copycat / “look-alike” product within the EU.

Prepared by GlobalIPCo and Genuine IP Law

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