Foreign design cost

Foreign designs should be filed within 6 months of your priority date, provided that US, EU Registered Community,  Russian and Canadian designs may still be filed within 12 months of first public disclosure.

One of the best options is to file an EU Registered Community Design (RCD), which covers 27 member countries of the European Union.

EU Registered Community Designs can easily be filed online through the GlobalIPCo online filing system.

For other countries, use our design costing tool to select appropriate countries and budget properly for filing, prosecution and grant fees.

How to use our foreign design costing tool (2013 pricing):
  • input your design details by updating the fields highlighted in yellow; and
  • select the foreign designs you wish to file by updating the “0” value in the “Select” column to “1”.

The spreadsheet calculates anticipated “filing cost”, “prosecution costs” and costs payable upon “grant”. Note that, although we maintain these costs current, they are subject to fluctuation.

Tip: We suggest filing design applications in South Africa, US, Australia, Europe and China.

Spreading your design costs

US, European, Canadian and Russian designs can be filed within 12 months of the priority date.

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