Trademark registration

Why register a trademark

A South African trademark registration will ensure that others cannot use a similar mark in respect of similar goods within South Africa.


Once granted, your trademark registration will remain in force for 10 years. Thereafter, it can be renewed for further 10-year periods.

Types of trademark registrations

You can file trademarks for:

  • words
  • logos
  • slogans / pay-off lines

Logo trademark registration

Step 1: check whether potentially conflicting marks exist. Although this is not mandatory, it is highly advisable. Else, you may launch your product / service only to find out 12 months later that it all needs to be re-branded. Our charge to conduct a trademark registrability search is R2,500 plus vat. You will receive our report detailing relevant marks and our opinion regarding validity of your proposed trademark application.

Step 2: Prepare and file a trademark application in South Africa. Our charge to file a trademark application is R3,450 plus vat (inclusive of grant fees – as with all our services, there are no hidden downstream costs). Additional fees are only payable if your application is opposed or the Registrar issues an office action.

Alternatively, file your trademark online for only $80 using the Iptica online trademark filing system.


Do not:

  • use descriptive marks, e.g. Parkhurst Cycle Shop, Wonder Cleaner; or

    descriptive trade markDescriptive trade mark 2
  • let your mark degenerate into a description of the product (become “generic”), e.g. Thermos Flask, Windsurfer, Escalator, Nylon, Hoover – Yes. Once, these were valuable trademarks.

    Hoover trade mark Liquorice trade mark Liquorice trade mark

The “best” trademarks seldom have any relation to the product, e.g. Apple computers, Sony electronics, Samsung phone, Dysan vacuum cleaners.

Blackberry trademark Raspberry trademark Apple trademark

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