SANi – the default PCT national phase patent selection

What made SANi the default PCT National Phase Patent selection?

Why Africa?

  • By 2050, one in four humans, a quarter of the world’s population, and one in three working-age people, will live in Africa.
  • Africa is a young continent – the youngest in the world with 60% of the population under the age of 25.
  • Africa is the last, and largest, emerging market and offers the last big supply chain and consumer prospects, with opportunities like the ones Southeast Asia presented 20 years ago.*

[Meg Whitman, US ambassador to Kenya]

Why SANi?

South Africa and Nigeria (the counties forming part of the SANi combination patent) are the two largest economies in Sub-Saharan Africa, contributing 44% to the total GDP.

And, the SANi Patent is…


RENEWABLE “TO TERM” (20yrs) – $875 (via S&Z)

GUARANTEED – neither South African nor Nigeria patents undergo substantive examination

QUICKEST TO REGISTER – 5-12 months for South Africa and 3 months for Nigeria

SIMPLEST TO FILE – Either instruct S&Z by sending an email with the PCT / WO number or file it online via GlobalIPCo

There is no other continent that you can effectively cover for a lifetime cost (inclusive 20 years of renewals) of only $1,750.

That’s why SANi is the default selection when filing PCT national phase patents.

[the SANi patent is not created by Treaty]

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