Renew Patent- South Africa

Pay South African patent renewals for only R700 ($50) using the IdeaNav online patent renewal system.

How to migrate South African patent renewals to IdeaNav

South African patentees are not required to pay renewals through the patent firm that filed their patent. You are free to: upload your South African patents to the IdeaNav renewal system; pay your South African patent renewals online (via credit card); and save more than 70% on your patent renewals!

Should you wish us to upload your patents, please send us your patent numbers. Migration of your South African patent renewal portfolio is quick, safe and simple.

Advantages of the IdeaNav Renewal System

The IdeaNav patent renewal system:

  • sends patent renewal reminders by email;
  • sends copies of CIPC renewal receipts upon completion of South African patent renewals; and
  • includes a cost report facility for accurately budgeting future renewal costs.

The IdeaNav renewal system processes more than 4,500 renewals annually for more than 200 patentees. We hope to assist you, and significantly to reduce your patent renewal costs.

South African Trademark Renewals

Also save more than 70% on trademark renewals using the IdeaNav trademark renewal system. As with patents renewals, trademark applicants are free to renew their South African trademarks through any channel they wish. The cost to renewal a South African trademark through our system is less than R1,000 / $75.

About IdeaNav:

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