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A new clothing line needs a distinctive “Brand”, which can be protected by registering trademarks, designs and patents.

But, clothing brands do not start and stop at the NAME / LOGO. Iptica has identified 15 top clothes branding tips. Here are a few of them:

  1. Pocket stitching – All top clothing lines create and register their distinctive jean pants pocket stitching pattern.
  2. Clothing shape – Design register the unique shape of your clothes.
  3. Fabric pattern – Protect your original artwork and weave pattern.
  4. Tabs – Levi’s and Superdry’s red tabs are distinctive. Create your own “eye-catcher”.
  5. Buttons – Nearly all clothing garments include buttons. Don’t waste this option to brand – they are cheap to customise and source.
  6. Pay-off line – Why stop at the name and logo? add a memorable slogan. For humour, see the slogan fails Iptica uncovered.
  7. Packaging – Let customers market your brand as they saunter about the mall. Design register your unique “look”.

Easily register your clothing line in South Africa online. If you require expert advice from a South African trademark attorney, contact us Mon-Fri (8am-5pm) on 011 483 3128. Taya, our trademark attorney specialises in clothing line registrations.

More than 80% of a successful clothing line’s value sits in the trademark, design and (to a lesser extent) patent registrations. Don’t throw this away. Without registering your clothing line, others may freely copy your brand, confuse your customers and “steal” your brand.

South African clothing brand trademark registration process:

  • File South African trademark application – this is easily done online within a few minutes and costs from $80 (approximately R1,400).
  • Receive CIPC‘s (the South African trademarks office) examination report (about 9-12 months after filing).
  • Publish acceptance (15-20 months after filing).
  • Sit out the 3-month opposition period.
  • Registration! Now, it’s yours.

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