Prototype your invention

IdeaNav now offers product prototyping services through its new prototyping website IdeaPrototype.

Golf Prototype

If you have an idea, come visit us to:

  • protect your idea;
  • create 3D drawings, photorealistic posters and movies of your invention; and
  • rapid prototype your product.

We will convert your idea into an alluring product designed to attract investors.

mechanical Prototype

Our product developer has more than 20 years experience designing products and bringing them to market.

Don’t worry about “someone stealing your idea” – as a patent law firm, we will ensure that your idea is kept secret. Confidentiality is guaranteed and all intellectual property that we may create is assigned to you.

Our business is to protect ideas. We will safeguard yours.

Pap cooker Prototype

We know what funders want. We know how to convert ideas into successful products. Let us help bring your idea to life.

Our affordable prototyping package is specifically tailored to attract funders. For only R37,500 we will transform your idea into something beautiful.

12 thoughts on “Prototype your invention”

  1. floyd says:

    Hi, just as a matter of intrest, as a man with a brilliant idea for the local and international market, is there any way of applying for exemption from the fee, as i do not have the capital now, but trust this idea to generate the income. So what I’m basically saying is that I would like to get my idea out on the market and have it protected, however I do not have any capital. Do you guys provide any kind of assistance?

    1. admin says:

      Hi Floyd

      I suggest that you use our free business plan template and make an application to SPII for funding to prototype and patent your idea. SPII takes about 3 months to approve / reject applications. Also consider using our free provisional patent toolkit to prepare and file your own provisional patent for R60.


  2. Amanda Blose says:

    Hi I would like to pitch a product invention to this big brand company but want to protect my idea in the process of doing so how do I go about doing that.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Amanda

      In the interim, you can ask the company to sign a confidentiality. For free confidentiality templates, see

      But, when your invention is concrete, I suggest filing a provisional patent application (after conducting a patent search).

  3. Dee says:


    I have a great idea that seems to have already been patented in the US, with quite close spec to my idea. Is there any chance of me being granted the opportunity to patent it only within South Africa? or is there some form of treaty I can sign with the patent owner in US? and what would that entail?
    Sorry for all the questions but I am fairly new to the patent side in a business

    Thanks much

    1. admin says:

      Hi Delano

      Generally speaking, you can only patent new features of your invention. Since “new” is determined from a global perspective, the features of your invention that have already been disclosed in a US patent are no longer “new” and therefore cannot be patented by you. If you wish to commercialize the US patented invention in SA, you would need to check whether: (i) your product falls within a claim of that US patent; (ii) that US patent was extended to SA – patents are territorial, so only a corresponding SA patent will prevent you from making, using, importing and selling products including the patented feature in SA; (iii) the corresponding SA patent is still in force (i.e. all renewal fees have been paid and it is less than 20 years old). If the answer to all these questions is “yes”, you could approach the patentee and attempt to negotiate a licence to use the corresponding SA patent. If there is no corresponding SA patent, you may wish to consider whether your invention has additional features not disclosed in the US patent that are both new and inventive. If so, these additional features could potentially be patented in SA and elsewhere.

  4. Lee says:


    I am in a similar position as above, where I have a fantastic product for the South African market and international market, but funds are limited.

    I am wanting to make a prototype which has about three different versions of how it could work to prevent competitors copying it. I assume that increases the costs with you to quite a lot, which I cannot afford.

    Do I have to give great detail to you in what and how it works, and I am in the Port Elizabeth area, do you have any offices or outlets here that I could go and see personally, and if not, which one if the closest to me, because I would prefer to speak to someone and go through this together to prevent any miscommunication.

    Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated



    1. admin says:

      Hi Lee

      If you are prototyping your invention, I suggest prototyping the preferred embodiment. We can then analyse the other versions. If a new feature is common to all versions, a single patent should be able to cover them all.

      Most of our clients are outside of Johannesburg, and there is no problem communicating with them using emails, video skype, phone calls – anything to ensure we fully understand your idea.

      Regarding funding, I suggest that you approach SPII. The process is relatively simple, fast and they will cover a good proportion of your prototyping and patenting costs without demanding any shares / royalties / repayments in return.

      I will ask our designer to send you an email detailing what we require to prototype your idea. The process is really very simple. Unfortunately, we do not have offices outside of Johannesburg.


  5. Dumisani says:

    hi guys, I’m a budding entrepreneur/inventor and i’d like to ask regarding “prototyping” do you guys just draw the prototype or do you physically make a tangible sample…? Great job by the way loving your website its so much help,keep it up.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Dumisani
      We do make tangible prototypes out of plastic. If you select our “package deal”, we will design your product, create the 3D CAD files and give grow you a 3D tangible prototype.

  6. Matsobane says:

    I have an idea. I have already built it in my garage and tested it. I am happy to patent an actual product now. however, I searched and searched but I can’t find anything even close to it, so I guess I have a winner in my hands. How do I make sure there is nothing like my invention out there?

    This is an informative site, I will definitely patent my product with you guys when I am ready.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Matsobane

      To ensure that there is nothing out there, you must ensure that you do as thorough search as possible – search through all the international patent databases and Google images, etc. If you like, we can conduct a patent search for R3,850. But, you already appear to be an old hand at searching. If you would like to bounce your search strategy off a patent attorney, please call us.

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