Patent forms

Forms to file a South African provisional patent

Fillable South African (CIPC) patent forms are freely available at IdeaNav. These forms include:

  • Patent Form P1 – Application for a Patent and Acknowledgement of Receipt.
  • Patent Form P2 – Register of Patent.
  • Patent Form P3 – Declaration and Power of Attorney. Remember to strike out the paragraphs that are not relevant.
  • Patent Form P6 – Provisional patent application cover page.

Using the IdeaNav patent forms will ensure that you complete only the required fields. Also see our DIY provisional patent drafting and filing guide.

Alternatively, register your own provisional patent through GlobalIPCo‘s patent filing system for only US$199. GlobalIPCo‘s online filing system populates the forms for you – all you need to do is sign.

Iptica also files South African provisional patents online for $99.

Who is an inventor?

When citing inventors in the forms, it is important to include each person that contributed a new feature described in your provisional patent, which feature you intend to include in your complete patent claims. A person that contributed a known or obvious feature should not be added as an inventor. If you are uncertain whether to cite someone as an inventor on the patent forms, contact a patent attorney for advice. Either cite all inventors as applicants, or obtain a written assignment of invention from each inventor not cited as an applicant.

Other documents to accompany the forms

Complete the patent forms, and prepare a provisional patent specification with drawings. The specification must “fully describe” your invention. In this regard, we suggest that applicants use our DIY provisional patent guide and our Patent Template.

What to do after lodging the forms

After lodging the patent forms with the South African Patent Office (CIPC), diarise a date in 11 months’ time to discuss completion of your provisional patent with a patent attorney.

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