Nearly half of South African patents are now filed online through GlobalIPCo

The GlobalIPCo system has revolutionised South African patents. Established in 2017, the GlobalIPCo system now has +3,500 users and manages more than 8,300 applications.

In November 2021, GlobalIPCo filed +500 South African patents, representing nearly half of all new South African patents filed.

Benefits of using the GlobalIPCo system

The GlobalIPCo system gives users control over their South African patents. And, by automating the patent process, significantly reduces South African patent costs.

GlobalIPCo’s pricing is fixed. This means that many of the ancillary services that patent law firms may offer are now available without charge. These free services include:

  • requesting an extension of the 30 month deadline for entering the South African PCT national phase to 34 months;
  • requesting accelerated acceptance of a South African patent to reduce the time to grant from 11 months to around 3 months; and
  • late-lodging documents after filing.

Discounted pricing available to patent law firms

Patent law firms are entitled to discounted pricing. The GlobalIPCo system also enables patent law firms to manage access by multiple users within their firms, and to set the types of reminders they receive.

Join the GlobalIPCo network of patent law firms and gain access to special “products” offered by GlobalIPCo that makes South Africa a default selection when selecting PCT national phase countries.

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