How to file a Nigerian Patent Online

The GlobalIPCo system now enables filing of Nigerian patents online. See our comprehensive Nigerian patent manual.

To file a Nigerian PCT national phase patent online, follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Input PCT details

Add your reference (optional) and PCT details. This information is available from the WIPO website.

Although Nigerian PCT national phase patents may be filed before publication of the PCT patent application, acceptance of the Nigerian national phase patent will be delayed until the PCT patent application has been published and a copy of the PCT publication has been lodged with the Nigerian Patent Office.

Step 2: Input applicant and inventor details

The Nigerian Patent Office requires you to add the nationality of the applicant and inventors.

Step 3: Priority

The Nigerian Patent Office requires you to add the name of the applicant on the priority document.

Nigerian PCT national phase patents must be filed within 30 months of the priority date, which deadline is not extendable.

Step 4: Download forms

Download a pre-populated Power of Attorney. Print and sign the form, then scan the signed form. No commissioning, or legalisation is required, neither is a hard-copy of the signed form required.

Step 5: Upload forms

Upload the Nigerian patent specification. It should mirror the specification on file with WIPO. If you wish to effect a voluntary amendment on filing, you will need to contact S&Z and arrange for the patent to be filed manually.

If voluntary amendment to the Nigerian PCT national phase patent is required on filing, please contact S&Z or GlobalIPCo, as a copy of the amended specification and a tracked version showing amendments made will need to be lodged.

Step 6: Pay by credit card

Choose whether you wish to pay renewals on filing of the Nigerian national phase patent. Nigerian patent renewals are payable annually from the PCT filing date. So, on filing of the Nigerian national phase patent, at least 1 patent renewal is due. The renewal may be paid upon grant of the Nigerian patent. However, it is more affordable to pay the renewal on filing.

Instead of paying Nigerian patent renewals annually, save significantly on the Nigerian patent lifetime renewal cost by pre-paying all renewals for the 20-year term (calculated from filing of the Nigerian national phase patent).

Should you wish to delay acceptance of the Nigerian patent, you may request this on filing. If delay of acceptance is not requested, the Nigerian patent should be granted within 4 months of filing.

Payment is made by credit card. However, law firms may request to file Nigerian patents “on account”.

Online Nigerian patent costs:

Filing to grant: $650

Courier: $110 per parcel (provided that up to 4 patents may be included in a courier parcel)

Vicennial Renewal (i.e. pre-payment of renewals for the entire 20-year term): $630 where the Nigerian patent is filed by GlobalIPCo / S&Z; or $730 where the patent is not filed by GlobalIPCo / S&Z.

Tip: File a SANi Patent

Couple the Nigerian patent with a South Africa Patent. A SANi Patent is not subject to examination, is granted within 4 months (unless specifically delayed) and can be renewed “to term” on filing. Cost:

  • Filing to courier of certificate: $875 (S&Z pricing to law firms);
  • Pre-pay all 20 years of renewals: $875 (S&Z pricing to law firms).

Law firms are entitled to further discounted pricing using the GlobalIPCo online filing system.

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