Cost to prototype my idea in South Africa

The cost to prototype your idea depends on the prototype you wish to create.

We can assist you to: conceptualise your idea; create a 3D CAD model of your product; create a functional prototype – whether 3D printed or made of sheet metal; generate photorealistic posters showcasing your product; create videos explaining your product; and use Virtual Reality to bring your product to life.

Prototyping – Conceptualisation

Our product designer will take your idea and create a workable concept – a concept that is practical and that can be manufactured (never mind prototyped). If you come to us with a final concept, we can skip this phase and pass directly to creating the 3D CAD model.

Prototype hatPrototype gizmoPrototype tool

The cost to conceptualise your design is R7,500.

Prototyping – 3D CAD

Everything downstream of conceptualisation requires a 3D CAD model. Once the “design” has been finalised, our product designer will convert it into a 3D CAD model. Later, this 3D CAD model is used to: 3D print prototypes; laser cut sheet metal; and create posters, videos and Virtual Reality imagery.

You own everything we make – the 3D CAD model, and any intellectual property we develop.

Prototype hat

The cost to convert your design into a 3D CAD model is R7,500.

Prototyping – Functional prototype

We use the 3D CAD model to: 3D print your prototype out of plastic; or cut and bend your protototype out of sheet metal. Use the functional prototype to test your invention. It’s the first tangible form of your idea.

Prototype ice tray

The cost to create a functional prototype is R15,000.

Prototyping – Photorealistic posters

The 3D CAD model enables us to create A1 size photorealistic posters of your product. Although the “manufactured product” does not exist, we can showcase it in posters. Choose the material, colour, texture, background, etc. and we will create posters of the “final product” that are so realistic that people will think it actually exists.

prototype razor

The cost to create an A1 poster is R7,500.

In addition to explanatory / showcase posters, we can create a visual storybook of your product showing how it evolved from an idea to a prototype / final product. This is great for websites and marketing material.

storybook prototyping

Prototyping – Video

Animate your product and create videos – explanatory or marketing videos. Post these videos on your Facebook page or LinkedIn, and get customer feedback.

Prototyping – Virtual reality

We use Virtual Reality to Wow funders, friends and potential customers. Use a cellphone to “walk around” and “step into” your product. Take our word for it: this is amazing.


When you are ready, our product designer will help you to: select a suitable method of manufacture; revise the design to suit the selected manufacturing method; arrange tooling; and manufacture your product.

Our designer can take you along the entire journey from idea to a product on the shelf.

* All images are of IdeaNav prototypes

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