Best patent option for Africa

African patent growth is the fastest in the world. And, for good reason …

The African continent is larger than China, US, India, Mexico, Germany, UK and France combined. 

It has the second largest population of all other continents, and the highest population growth rate.

Africa also offers the cheapest and easiest patents worldwide.

GlobalIPCo combines South African and Nigerian patents to cover 44% of Sub-Saharan GDP. It’s the best option for Africa.

One instruction, and one fixed upfront payment. GlobalIPCo files your patents, prosecutes them to grant, couriers the patent certificates and pre-pays all 20 years of renewals. It’s that easy.

By significantly reducing the cost:value ratio of African patents, GlobalIPCo is attracting the 98.7% of PCT applicants that historically overlooked Africa.

GlobalIPCo – the largest filer of South African patents.

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