Protect my Food Recipe

There are many ways to protect your food recipes – get a patent pending number to protect the unique combination of ingredients; protect the new cooking method; protect how the food is prepared (e.g. how meat is tenderised or how tuna is cut).

The Iptica Patent Cookbook provides hundreds of examples of patents that protect food recipes. Iptica’s Patent Cookbook include:


Classic food patents, such as the original Peanut Butter, Tabasco Sauce and Jelly Bean patents:

Peanut Butter Food Patent

Food preparation

Patents covering how to cut Fish, score Meat and tenderise your steak:

Fish Food Patent

Nostalgic sweet patents

Patents for your favourite childhood sweets – the original Kinder Surprise Egg; Jelly Beans; LifeSavers:

Kinder Surprise Egg Patent

Healthy food patents

Patents covering a novel Salad and various types of Salad Dressings:

Salad Patent

Drink patents

Patents for the original Nestle Iced Tea, various Energy Drinks and Infused Beverages:

Nestle Iced Tea Patent

Burger patents

Patents describing how to cook the best Burger Patty and how to deep fry crispy Chips:

Burger Patent

Snack patents

Patented Biltong, Salted Nuts, Olives and Crackling.

Biltong Patent

Sauce patents

Patents covering a variety of sauces – Tomato Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Hot Sauce, Mustard …

BBQ sauce Patent

Why get a Patent Pending Number for your Food?

The intention is not necessarily to “protect” your food, but rather to give it a sense of intrigue – if customers are intrigued, they will order and try it. Market your “Patent Pending Burger”, or a “Patent Pending Tenderised Steak”. A “Patent Pending Fish Sauce” would certainly find its way into my basket.

Even if your food is not “new”, get a Design Pending Number for the “shape” of your food, and use this creatively – the aim is to “stand out” in a world of “me-too” restaurants and food offerings:

GlobalIPCo Free Patent

Marking your food “Patent Pending” is easy

Describe its new composition or cooking method, and file a provisional patent application using our provisional patent drafting and filing guide. You can either file through GlobalIPCo for $199 or through Iptica for $99. Both systems will send you a Patent Pending Number within a day, entitling you to stamp your food “Patent Pending” worldwide for 12 months. You will not be the first to do this, the great chefs – Alain Passard, Martin Berasategui, Michel Bras – all patented their legendary creations.

Celebrity chef patent

The GlobalIPCo Patent, Design and Trademark filing system is safe and affordable. All applications are filed by S&Z Patent Attorneys, and issuance of Patent or Design Pending Numbers is guaranteed. Use our free Patent Template to describe your food. Within a short time, your food could be “Patent Pending”.

GlobalIPCo Free Patent

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