Popping Candy Patent

What makes Popping Candy Pop? It’s not a chemical reaction, and scientifically it’s quite the opposite to vacuous Space Dust. It’s those crazy little compressed air bubbles trapped in solidified sugar that explode when the sugar melts, triggering a gas-popping party in your mouth.
Here’s how those Willy Wonkas concoct this magical treat:
– Melt sugar and keep it at a temperature below 140C
– Place the sugar melt in a pressurised chamber (at least 3.5 times atmospheric pressure) – that’s more than the pressure in a car tyre!
– Introduce super-tiny air, carbon dioxide or nitrogen gas bubbles (between 0.25mm and 0.35mm in diameter) into the sugar melt
– Cool the sugar melt to below 25C while in the pressurised chamber
– Crush into granules
When placed on your tongue, the sugar melts, exploding the little sugar capsules like pop-a-lot sweet mini hand grenades.
(Patent: US4289794)
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