Patent renewals

For a patent to remain enforceable, patent renewals must be paid annually throughout its term. With the term of patents being a lengthy 20 years, many patents are allowed to lapse due to the accumulating effect of high patent renewal costs.

But what if the cost of patent renewals could be reduced? A common misconception is that patent holders are locked into paying renewals through the patent attorneys originally responsible for preparing and filing the patent. This is not true. You can shop around for competitive patent renewal pricing.

We have developed an on-line renewal tool that enables you automatically to upload your patents onto a password-protected portfolio. We extract your patent data from patent databases. Once uploaded, our on-line renewal tool will send tyou regular renewal reminders by e-mail, and you can make renewal payment via a credit card portal. Our system currently allows payment of local and foreign patent renewals, and will shortly be extended to designs and trademarks.

Not only does our system streamline the patent renewal process, but it also passes on discounts of up to seventy percent. And, consider reducing the cost of South African renewals further by paying all future renewals simultaneously.

And, if you have any problems using our renewal system, call us to speak to one of our patent attorneys. Alternatively, send us your patent numbers by email and we will create your online patent renewal portfolio for you.

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