Patent renewal

Try our online patent renewal system. It is safe and simple to use. And, you will save on patent renewal fees.

We have designed our renewal system to ensure that you cannot make mistakes:

    • you insert only your patent number. No further information is required;
    • the system displays an image of your patent to confirm that the number you inserted is correct;
    • the system extract the filing date, title, applicant detail etc. from patent databases;
    • the system performs automatic background tests to ensure that the filing date extracted is correct; and

the system will send you automatic renewal reminders by email.

Since, we cut out the middle-man and pass volume discounts that we negotiate with agents back to you, our patent renewal fees are significantly less expensive than the renewal fees charged by most patent firms. For example, you should save 70% on South African patent renewals.

Our system is fully automatic. You can view your patent portfolio online, instruct a patent renewal online, pay online by credit card and view the status of your renewal instruction online. But, if you have any queries, you can call us and chat to one of our patent attorneys.

Also, if you would like us to upload your patent portfolio onto our system, email us a list of your patent numbers, and we will gladly create a portfolio for you. There are no obligations – if our discounted patent renewal pricing does not excite you, just continue processing renewals through your existing channel.

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