Patent Pending UK

UK inventors have many options to get a patent pending number:

  • file a UK patent application prepared by a UK patent attorney (cost: from GBP3,500)
  • file a UK provisional patent application prepared by yourself (cost: GBP75-225)
  • file a provisional patent application in any Paris Convention member country (cost: from US$199).

Whether you file your first patent in the UK or in any of the 177 Paris Convention member countries, the result is the same:

  • You get a patent pending number that is valid in all 177 Paris Convention member countries (including the UK).
  • Your right to file corresponding complete patents worldwide is reserved for 12 months.
  • You may now freely publicly disclose / sell your invention.
  • In a year’s time when you decide to file corresponding complete patents worldwide, that complete patent can claim the earlier date of your first filing (referred to as a “priority claim”).

How do I write the patent?

Your first patent need only fully to describe the invention. This isn’t difficult. For tips on preparing this document, see our patent template.

In a year’s time, a patent attorney will draft the complete patent application and reformat your document into the conventional patent format.

How do I apply for a patent?

The simplest, quickest and cheapest is to file your first patent application through GlobalIPCo. The GlobalIPCo system:

  • prepares the patent application forms – download, print, scan and upload the signed forms;
  • enables you confidentially to upload the document fully describing your invention with (optional) drawings;
  • receives payment of the $199 filing fee by credit card; and
  • files the patent application in the most affordable Paris Convention member country that has a secure, confidentiality guaranteed, electronic filing system.

Within a day you will receive a Patent Pending Number. This will permit you to mark your product “Patent Pending” worldwide for 12 months. Although a Patent Pending Number does not permit you legally to sue competitors in court for patent infringement – you’ll first need to file and prosecute a corresponding complete patent to grant – it is great for deterrence and marketing purposes. It also reserves your right to file corresponding complete patents worldwide for 12 months. Use these 12 months wisely: conduct market research; and use the feedback further to develop your invention.

There are no downstream GlobalIPCo costs or actions. If in 12 months’ time, you wish to secure enforceable patent rights worldwide, you will need to engage a patent attorney to draft and file corresponding complete patent applications. When drafting this complete patent, the attorney may include all modifications and improvements you created during the 12 month period.

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