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Do you often come up with ideas that are “the next best thing since sliced bread” and then wonder “how to patent my idea”? If so, you are likely a serial inventor.

If you are a serial inventor, beware not to fall blindly in love with your idea at an early stage. Step back from your idea and evaluate it objectively.

The first step is to conduct patent searches. You may not have seen your invention in the stores or on, but have you searched the international online patent databases? Either use the free search tool and search manual available on our website or contact us to conduct a professional patent search on your behalf for R9,950.

If the results of the patent search are positive, build a basic prototype to prove that your idea works. And, if it does, let the love affair begin.

The next step is to file a provisional patent for R19,950. This will allow you to disclose your idea to potential funders and manufacturers. And, for the next 12 months you can focus solely on converting your idea into a product and taking the product to market. This is where the real work starts, but it is an exciting journey.

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