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As patent attorney, we interact with many inventors from Cape Town – many of them associated with the wine industry.

Some of the more exciting inventions originating in Cape Town relate to fermentation techniques or techniques to remove alcohol from wines. However, more frequently, the inventions relate to recipes. The problem with recipes is that, for them to be protected by a patent, the combination of ingredients must yield an unexpected technical benefit other than simply change the taste. For example, it must preserve the wine for longer or make it more resistant to fluctuations in temperate.

Where there is no unexpected technical benefit, rather focus on marketing your product to raise the reputation in the brand, and protect the brand by way of trademark registrations. A reputable brand, such as Spier or Nederburg is typically more valuable than any patents or designs they may own.

Although we are based in Johannesburg, our systems are geared to service inventors in Cape Town. And, many of the comments on our testimonials page come from clients in the Cape.

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