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As a first time inventor wishing to file a patent application, how do you choose from all the patent lawyers?

The best way is to find out what his previous clients had to say. Was the standard of service high? The work efficient? The fee reasonable? Especially where a service is being offered at an hourly rate, how much will you end up paying?

Unlike most patent firms, our pricing is fixed. So, it is clear know how much you will spend at each stage. And, see our clients’ comments on our testimonials page (accompanied by names and websites details). If you like, contact them.

Next, give the patent lawyer a call. They are bound by law to retain all your invention-related information confidentially. By sound-boarding your idea over the phone with a patent lawyer, you will receive valuable tips and be able to gauge whether he is a person with whom you would like to work. And, this should not cost you anything.

However, if you are uncomfortable disclosing you invention over the phone, most patent attorneys will happily arrange a consultation, but this is normally associated with a fee. But, should your invention pass our simple vetting process, we offer a one-hour consultation without charge.

Since patenting is a process, your relationship with your patent lawyer should be open – you should feel free to phone him to clarify issues without fearing an invoice in the post. Our aim is to help you make your invention a success. And, we guarantee honest, direct advice. If your invention is not inherently patentable, we will be the first to tell you.

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