Can you patent your idea? The first question we typically ask is:

“Can you, without explaining anything about your product or its application, point to a feature that is new?”

“New” means that that feature has not previously been described / illustrated in any way anywhere in the world. For example, if you have developed a miner’s boot with a steel plate in the heal. Should you point to the plate, a tap dancing shoe may come to mind. If I find a tap dancing shoe with a similar plate, this feature is not “new”. Whether miners dance is not relevant. But don’t give up here. Next consider why the plate on the tap dancing shoe is not suitable in your application – the modifications required for that shoe and plate may be “new” and patentable.

First, get on the right path by bouncing your idea off an expert. We review more than five ideas over the phone each day. And, since we are patent attorneys, you may freely disclose your invention to us – the Patents Act requires us to maintain your information confidential. This typically filters out 90% of ideas as not patentable.

Thereafter, conduct a patent search. You can do this yourself using the databases and software available on our website. Else, instruct us to prepare a professional patent search report for R9,950.

Only thereafter are you ready to start preparing a provisional patent. Filing a provisional patent costs R19,950 (excl. vat) and reserves your right to file patents worldwide for a year. You can thereafter freely disclose your invention to others, market, make and sell the product.

The process of discussing your invention, conducting a patent search and filing a provisional patent typically takes two to three weeks. All that is required to get started is to either call us or send us an email describing the features of your invention in bullet form (with a sketch, if available). If your idea is not patentable, we will not charge you.

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