New DIY Service

On 1 September 2017, IdeaNav launched a new service to assist applicants to deposit an application / renew a patent with the SA IP Office.

Normally, you would need to:

  • create an account with the IP office;
  • wait for the account to be vetted and opened; and
  • deposit funds into the account,

before depositing your application or paying a renewal.

Alternatively, you can make use of our new service offering:

  • Visit our office at 9 Kruger St, Oaklands 2192 weekdays between 8h30 and 9h30. Note, we cannot assist you outside this period.
  • We are required to FICA you. So, ensure that you bring copies of all FICA documents required. Our charge to FICA applicants is R500 plus vat.
  • After completing the FICA process, we will give you access to a computer that is logged into the IP Office online system, using our account.
  • You may file applications and pay renewals via the IP Office online system. Our charge is the official fee associated with the transaction(s) plus R90 plus vat per transaction.

Note: This is a 100% DIY option. We do not provide any assistance relating to the IP Office online system. Should you require assistance using the IP office online system, you will need to contact the IP Office directly.

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