How to Patent my App

To patent an app, first get a Patent Pending Number. This gives you 1 year to grow (with breathing space).

Uber kept its app patent “pending” for 9 years. It was much more valuable during this “patent pending” period than it is now that it’s patented. During the Patent Pending period, competitors didn’t know what Uber would ultimately patent. So, most steered clear from competing with Uber; and potential investors took the “safe bet” and invested in Uber. Now that Uber’s patent is granted, it’s worthless – everyone now know how to circumvent it … easily!

To get a Patent Pending Number for your software app:

  • register on;
  • upload a description of your app (e.g. the software specification);
  • add a couple of wireframes (or screenshots of the most important user interface pages); and
  • Pay just $99.

Within a day, you’ll be able to tell everyone your app’s “patent pending”.

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