How to file a German Utility Model (Gebrauchsmuster)

German Utility Models (otherwise known as Gebrauchsmuster) can now be filed online via GlobalIPCo.

GlobalIPCo and Prisma IP (a German patent law firm) have created an easy-to-use online system for filing national phase, convention and direct German Utility Models. Although, only national phase German Utility Models are available to general users, direct and convention German Utility Models are available to law firms that register on the system.

A German Utility Model can easily be filed from a PCT patent application.

German Utility Models extends the same rights as German patents, albeit for 10 instead of 20 years. However, whereas, German patents are subject to substantive examination, German Utility Models are only subject to formal examination and certificates are typically issued within 2-3 months of filing.

To file a German Utility Model, the PCT patent specification must be translated into German. The GlobalIPCo system permits:

  • change of applicant (assignment); and
  • amendment of the patent specification,

upon filing the German Utility Model.


Filing (including receipt of certificate): $570

Response to office action (if any): $200

Postage (optional): $110 per parcel, provided that up to 6 certificates may be included in a parcel.

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